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Who we Are

Law and legal matters are complex, and the last thing any business person wants to add to his or her life is more complexity. We all just want to focus on building our businesses, making an impact and boosting the bottom line. Unfortunately, there is no escaping legal matters in business—and this is where U-Law steps in.

U-Law is an easy-to-use platform that meets your basic legal needs through simple, efficient and affordable products and services. We provide busy entrepreneurs with uncomplicated checklists, templates, customised agreements and general advice, both online and offline.

Powered by one of the largest and most prestigious commercial law firms in Nigeria, Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie, U-Law comprises a team of agile and experienced lawyers and caters exclusively to start-ups and growth businesses across several industries. U-Law is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your basic business-related legal needs, providing high-quality support in a simplified and straightforward manner. Our processes have been streamlined to provide clear and concise commercial solutions to all your legal requests.


We believe that the future is dependent on the success of the entrepreneurs and small businesses of today. We appreciate that an error during the early stages of your business can cost you dearly later. This is why we cater to start-ups and SMEs, offering clear and expert legal advice at pocket-friendly prices.

Our purpose is to ensure that you do not have to rely on amateur advice or sift through hundreds of Google search results with the hope of finding accurate legal solutions.

When you can’t afford to be wrong, we help you get it right.

At U-Law, we understand the needs and challenges of beginning a business in Nigeria. We appreciate the value of flexibility, and we can offer adaptable payment arrangements as well as equity options. We also understand the need for capital at every stage of any entrepreneurial journey and can assist you by leveraging our extensive experience in investments and fund-raising to the benefit of your business.


We offer top-tier legal support for business incorporations, compliance matters, a wide range of registrations and corporate advisory services. We also offer one-on-one consulting sessions where you can engage with one of our expert lawyers on any basic legal issue. Our Document Marketplace offers concise and well-researched documents and advisories that can be purchased on-the-go, as well as template agreements for a wide range of sectors.

Using technology, we make sure you can meet all your legal needs at a fraction of the market rate without compromising on quality. Our searchable platform, which is available 24/7 to offer you immediate and constant access to your legal dashboard, generates bespoke documents and agreements that fit your specific business needs. We have also made the process of creating documents simpler and cheaper than ever with our online editing and e-signing tools.

Our membership packages, fixed fee quotes and Document Marketplace ensure that there are no billing surprises. We deliver on value and price, and our lawyers are constantly in touch with you to provide reassurance every step of the way.


We are a vibrant and agile team of qualified and experienced lawyers with years of expertise in the start-up space in Nigeria. We offer one-on-one legal advice comprising everything you need to start up, grow and succeed as an entrepreneur.

We know that time is important to you, so you can expect prompt responses to all your emails as well as clear timelines for your projects. To save time, we match the right expert lawyer to your needs and ensure that advice and documents are delivered in plain English for ease of understanding.

U-Law has been designed specifically for you, the emerging entrepreneur whose vision for long-term business success is built on a strong legal foundation. Let us help you get where you’re going; take advantage of our unique legal support offering today.