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As a start-up, compliance is key to ensuring you start your business the right way and you are well positioned to attract investments.

U-Law is committed to helping you get it right. Our Compliance Calculator will help you identify any gaps in your start-up’s compliance with the company laws of Nigeria and protect your business, its assets and reputation.

How it works

Our Compliance Calculator was created to give start-ups and entrepreneurs a glance at the legal risks or vulnerabilities of their business. This free legal tool can be completed in just a few minutes but can help you avoid spending large amounts on future legal issues.

1. Complete the Survey.

This takes just a few minutes. All the information you share is strictly confidential and will only be used for providing your compliance calculation.

2. Receive your Compliance Calculation.

Upon completion of the survey, you will receive an overview of your responses for you to confirm.

3. Receive your report.

If you are a registered U-Law member, we will provide you with a personalised high- level report detailing the areas of risk and recommendations on how to mitigate and resolve the identified issues.

Understanding your report

Your personalised Compliance report will be in a simple and easy-to-read format indicating the compliance status of your business.

Note that some of the sections will be identified as Red-flag Areas. These areas need extra care and attention as there are unnecessary risks that may have serious consequences for your business. These areas should be rectified with urgency to avoid issues with regulators, fines or loss of investors.

The summary report will provide recommendations to remedy the risks identified. If you would like to find out more about the consequences of non-compliance or would like to have an in-depth conversation about your report, please use the link below to book a consultation with one of our U-Lawyers. We also offer Due Diligence services where we can complete a compliance review of your company’s records. Ask your U-Lawyer for more information!

Compliance Calculator

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